Room and Rate
Guest Infomation
Online Reservation
There are two types of plan that you can choose.
Select a number of bed with dormitory plan or a number of room with private room plan.

It is neccesary to provide your credit card information when you make a reservation on the website.
the credit information is only used for guarantee of your reservation.
We don't charge any fees on your credit before the check-in date unless cancellation fee occurs.
Please arrange the payment when you check-in.
*The reservation might be on hold in case your credit card information is not accepted.

You cannot make online reservation if your group includes over 10 persons .
Even if you made reservation separately under the different name or different room type,
we would recognize them as one group.
Please send us e-mail directly.

Regarding Accommodation Tax of Kyoto city
The Accommodation Tax system comes into effect on October 1st, 2018.
The tax amount for each guest will be 200 JPY for accommodation rates of less than 20,000 JPY per night.

We regret to inform you that due to the above reasons, we will need to ask you to pay this tax fee.
The accommodation tax is not included in your confirmed rate, and will be charged additionally when you arrive for check-in.

Cancellation Policy
The canceling fee occuers from 2 days before your reservation.
If you wish to cancel your reservation please do so two days or more before the date of your reservation or there will be a cancelation fee.
Our cancellation fees are as follows.
-48 hours before is 30% of the reservation.
-24 hours before is 50% of the reservation
-If you cancel the day of your reservation you will still be charged full price.
Please contact us when you know you'll be late on check-in time; otherwise your reservation will be cancelled.
You cannot change or cancel your reservation by calling exept the day you check in.